Hand-selected PDOs range


All crafted in the Swiss mountainside - from pasture to maturation - our selection of AOP-labelled cheeses boasts a truly authentic taste of Swiss heritage for every palate and occasion.

AOP is the acronym of the French “Appellation d’Origine Protégée” which translates as PDO - Protected Designation of Origin. This label guarantees that the entire production process takes place within the designated area, and that the ingredients are also produced within the specific geographical area to the highest quality standards.

In Switzerland we produce more than 450 different kinds of cheese and only 11 are protected by the AOP label. Having selected only the best to satisfy international consumers’ taste expectations, we are proud to offer six AOP products. Three are ripened in our own caves in Ursy or Reichenbach, while the other three are aged in our cheesemakers’ own cellars in the designated area of origin.

Hand selected PDOs Mifroma cheeses range

Handcrafted Cave-Aged excellence


The secret behind the distinct flavour of our range of cave-aged cheeses lies in their exceptional environment: a sandstone cave carved deep into the mountainside in the Swiss village of Ursy at the foot of the Swiss Alps.

Burrowed deep into the natural rock, these caves provide the ideal temperature and humidity for cheese maturation. It is here that our cheese experts attend to the wheels with patience, skill and savoir-faire until the cheese is just right.

Moreover, it is the rock itself that generates the natural climate in the cave so perfect for maturation, meaning no energy is required for climate regulation. Our cave-aged range thus comprises gourmet products that safeguard nature!

Handcrafted cave-aged excellence Mifroma cheese rang

Our organic cheeses - Natural delights


Respect for nature, for the animals involved in our production and for our customers.

Mifroma’s organic cheeses are a cut above the rest in terms of taste and organoleptic properties, as confirmed by critics and connoisseurs alike. Plus, they offer a host of benefits in terms of health, such as more Omega 3, fewer chemical residues and more Vitamin E.

And we don’t just talk the talk: article 1 of the Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance of 22 September 1997 sets out stringent regulations on independent certification for organic cheese producers, so we view our organic label as a badge of pride.

Our organic cheeses - Natural delights Mifroma cheeses range

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