It all began in Ursy...

... a small village in the Fribourg countryside. A quiet, peaceful place that was home to a hidden gem: an old quarry that offered the ideal environmental conditions for maturing cheese.

Mifroma was founded in 1964 and the quarry was converted into a natural cheese cellar. From its beginnings as a Gruyère ripener, our company quickly established itself as the cheese specialist in Switzerland.

For 25 years we have been distributing our products all over the world. Often pioneering and always attuned to the market, what makes us tick is our love of the product and authentic flavours, plus our respect for everything nature has given us and the time it takes to make exceptional cheese.



1st September. Foundation of Mifroma SA, a Migros Group company.


Use of the first cellar converted from the original tunnels of the old quarry.


Innovation: aiming to guarantee the best possible taste experience, Mifroma surprises Swiss consumers by introducing the concept of "best before" on packaging.


Innovation: development of special ovens for melting cheese in individual pans. The success of this new way of enjoying raclette is dazzling. Mifroma "democratises" raclette at national level. The Raccard brand becomes the market leader for raclette in Switzerland.


The company has 86 employees and sells more than 3360 tons of cheese per year.
Innovation: Mifroma launches the first fondue mix to be distributed by the mass market, paving the way for this new product category.


Introduction of an automated logistics system and expansion of the existing cellar to allow more Gruyère, raclette and Emmentaler cheese to be matured.


Innovation: Migros is the first company to publish a Social Balance Sheet.


The company continues to expand and now occupies a total area of 12,850 m².


Innovation: Mifroma launches Sbrinz cheese "croques"... the first step in the development of the new convenience products category.


Mifroma has 191 employees and sells 11,734 tons of cheese.


Innovation: under the Raccard brand, Mifroma is the first to launch flavoured raclette cheeses.


Mifroma embarks on a process of international development, establishing its first branch in France. In the same year, Mifroma is the first company in the region to receive certification acknowledging its employee health protection policy.


Mifroma obtains ISO 9002 certification


The Mifroma France branch now leads the Swiss cheese market in France.


Innovation: the packaging becomes resealable, ensuring better storage of the product once opened.


The Dörig Appenzeller cheese refinery is acquired by the Mifroma Group and brings complementary know-how with high added value.


Mifroma sets up a sales team in the United States and starts marketing its products on the American continent. In the same year, a new cellar dug into the sandstone at Ursy comes into use. This brings the total storage capacity to 100,000 Gruyère wheels. By way of comparison, in 1964, when the cellars were inaugurated, they had room for 5000 wheels.


Marketing of a premium Gruyère cheese matured for a minimum of 14 months, packaged in individual portions.


Acquisition of the Bergsenn mountain cheese dairy, a company producing typical Swiss Alpine specialities.


We sell more than 900 SKUs, employ 240 people, are present over 30 countries and continue to grow!

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