Mifroma takes pride in being strongly rooted in our local community.

We are located in the heart of the Gruyères Region, where cheesemaking is the most valuable heritage. This part of Switzerland is home to our dairy, our farmers, our cheesemakers, our affineurs, our staff and many of our loyal customers.


Trusted cheesemakers


Animal-friendly dairy farms


Expert Maître Fromagers

The commitment to our partners.

We are committed to ensuring that the cooperation with our suppliers and sub-suppliers is fair and equitable at all times. We care about the livelihoods of the families of dairy farmers and cheesemakers, who supply us with their milk and products every day, and we respect their commitment and dedication to their work over the generations.

“We have been working with Mifroma for more than 40 years and now feel like we are all part of one family with whom we share the same passion for the Swiss dairy tradition.”

Premium quality milk from local farmers.

  • Grass-fed cows

    The cows are fed fresh grass and hay, and have plenty of space to roam outdoors. 

  • Production

    Milk producers are mindful of the environment, and they don’t practice intensive stock-rearing: the average Swiss dairy farm comprises fewer cows, which have a name. 

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    The fresh, unpasteurised milk used in the production of our cheeses is always processed within 24 hours

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    The milk is always produced no farther than 12.5 miles from the cheese dairies: this guarantees freshness and minimises emissions during transportation.

100% fresh Swiss milk

If there is one thing all our cheeses have in common, it is their main ingredient: milk. Twice a day, the producers deliver their milk to neighbouring dairies, paying impeccable attention to hygiene standards. Although the raw material is always the same, there are many factors that influence the final result: the breed of cow, the fodder, the climate, the bacterial culture used by the cheesemaker and, of course, the way the cheese is treated during the maturing process.

A team of carefully selected cheesemakers.

Selecting the best cheese producers is an integral part of the work of our Maîtres Fromagers, who occasionally travel around the regions in search of new specialities and possible business partnerships with local companies.

Family-run business

We are proud to be able to collaborate with so many small local businesses throughout Switzerland. Generations of cheesemakers who, with their passion and dedication, contribute to the success of our cheeses.

Traditional artisanal production

Whether AOP or speciality products, the production processes are based on centuries-old, strictly controlled traditional recipes and methods. The experience of each producer combined with the savoir-faire of our Maîtres Fromagers makes each product unique and inimitable.


We have exclusive cooperation contracts with some of our cheesemakers, many of which last for several years. This means that the entire production of a given cheese is destined solely for Mifroma, thus guaranteeing very high-quality standards and a degree of prestige.

Large value-added chain

Our cooperation pact with small local producers is also a guarantee for the environmental protection and the economic development of the area of origin and its inhabitants.

Our record-breaking Gruyère.


The achievements of Monsieur Didier Bovet.

For more than 4 years, his Gruyère AOP cheeses that he produces exclusively for Mifroma have achieved a score of 20 out of 20.

The recipe for the incredible success of this cheesemaker from Corcelles-le-Jorat is made up of dedication, humility and a lot of passion. Although Monsieur Bovet is not fond of talking about his excellent results, he was awarded the IPG gold medal and currently holds the title of best Gruyère producer in existence, according to the Interprofession du Gruyère.