Our mission

Our mission is to bring the best of the Swiss cheesemaking tradition to tables around the world, using a unique process of selection, maturation, packaging and distribution. Overseen by our experts, the maîtres fromagers

Traditional suppliers are held back by their own capacity limitations and rigid processes tied to production structures and asset investments.

Mifroma does not produce, but controls the entire chain and - just like a Multi-Cloud strategy – integrates selected partners into a system we call “embedded outsourcing”.



We have been selecting and maturing authentic Swiss cheeses since 1964.

Mifroma specialises in cheeses from Switzerland

We work with cheesemakers, artisans with expertise in both the age-old art of cheesemaking and innovative production technologies, to select the very best wheels of cheese produced from the delicious milk of Swiss dairies. 

Our selection of cheeses is extensive – ranging from the finest PDOs to rare specialties found only in the Swiss mountains – so you can bring an authentic taste of Switzerland to cheese lovers around the world.

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A unique taste experience

Cheese wheels are patiently matured in our sandstone caves carved deep into the mountainside of the Swiss villages of Ursy and Reichenbach. Both natural grottos provide an exceptional affinage environment, in terms of temperature and humidity, for cheese to develop a strong character and flavour. 

The wheels are left to age, cured on a weekly basis, until they reach perfect maturity. The result is a rich, distinct and characterful taste experience that you just don’t get from a cellar.

As your partner, we will share our extensive experience in the world of Swiss cheeses so that you, in turn, can become a maître fromager too.

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A small country, a great cultural tradition

Cheesemaking has long been a tradition in Switzerland and cheese production forms an integral part of this country’s culture.

The craft of the cheesemaker permeates Swiss culture, inspiring folk songs and influencing native art, imbuing cultural customs and shaping landscapes; the symbols and rituals of this time-honoured trade are etched deeply into Switzerland’s heritage.

The very landscape of this country owes its appearance to the art of cheese. The lush Alpine pastures and picturesque mountains are not merely delightful scenery: this terrain is ideal for the free-ranging cattle herds and robust rural communities that underpin the cheesemaking tradition and enable Switzerland’s best-loved export.

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Our community

Mifroma takes pride in being strongly rooted in our local community.

We are located in the heart of the Gruyères Region, where cheesemaking is the most valuable heritage.

This part of Switzerland is home to our dairy, our farmers, our cheesemakers, our affineurs, our staff and many of our loyal customers.

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