The Imlig Käserei Oberriet AG cheese dairy is nestled in a village in the heart of the St. Gallen Rhine Valley. 

The milk used to make this cheese is a guarantee of quality and comes exclusively from farms in the region that respect animal welfare. The Oberriet village cheese dairy has been using a traditional recipe for Blumenkäse for several generations. The ingredients: Swiss milk, cultures, rennet and salt, that's all. 

With its dried marigold, blueberry and rose blossoms that make yellow, blue and red spots on the crust, Blumenkäse - or “blossoms cheese" is a feast for the eyes before it is even tasted. In addition, covered with a dozen different herbs, it gives off a delicious scent of mountain savoury, herbs, mint and juniper berries. After six months of maturing, the blossoms cheese has fully developed its delicate and slightly acidic aroma. After the eyes and nose, it is the palate's turn to enjoy the flavour of the herbs, as the crust is extremely tasty. A cheese, then, that satisfies the senses.

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