Raclette AOP

Produced exclusively in the canton of Valais, Raclette du Valais is protected by a PDO designation. Nestling in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Valais is a region of Switzerland where high peaks and glaciers are interspersed with a myriad of lush valleys.
Cows are part of the landscape here. The flora of the mountain and Alpine pastures gives their milk an unmatched flavour. It is this whole, unpasteurised, rich milk that gives PDO Valais Raclette cheese its fresh, tangy taste.

Once or twice a day, farmers in the surrounding area take their milk to the cheese dairies in Valais villages. The master cheesemakers check its quality before the cheesemaking process can begin, using copper vats and an age-old recipe. Once the curdled milk has been pressed and moulded, the wheels are placed in a brine bath for 24 hours and then matured for a minimum of three months, traditionally on boards of red spruce. Each wheel is impressed with a casein mark (a unique number) and the name of the cheese dairy, which serves as a seal of quality and a guarantee of traceability.

Only cheeses of the finest quality can be marked ‘Raclette du Valais PDO’.

Available Formats