Thinking green, acting green

Protecting the ecosystem in which we operate is at the centre of all our decisions. The environment, its equilibrium and the richness it represents to the community drive the business strategies and actions of everyone who works and collaborates with us.
Our concept of sustainable development is implemented throughout the entire value chain: from the purchasing of raw materials to production, distribution and waste recycling.
Throughout our production process we aim to use only renewable energy, reducing the volume of packaging and optimising its design to extend shelf life and reduce food waste.

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Eco Friendly Principles

100% sustainable milk

Our suppliers use feed that respects the cows’ digestive system and strengthens the biodiversity of the  pastures.

100% recyclable packaging

Our packaging has passed assessment by the Institute cyclos-HTP, the accredited body for certification of recyclable products.


100% renewable energy

100% of the energy used in the Ursy site are from completely renewable sources.

Cheeses with a green heart

Our cheeses are packaged using only renewable energy sources. No fossil fuels, only energy from water, the sun, wind, wood, rocks and natural gas. We call them Umweltfreundliche-Käse (environmentally friendly cheeses) and they have a sense of the community whose roots sink deep into the history of generations that preceded them, with a respect for nature written in their DNA.

Eco sustainability