• the words of Maître Jean Paul

    The words of Maître Jean Paul

    "There’s something special in each wheel, something unique that surprises me every time."

  • The words of Maître Gustave

    The words of Maître Gustave

    "I like to imagine I’m at your table every time you take a taste."

  • The words of Maître Gerald

    The words of Maître Gerald

    "They call me a master, but I’m actually the one who is learning something new from my cheese every day."


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A journey through four stages


Our maîtres fromagers’ task has and always will be to travel around Switzerland in search of the cheesemakers producing the very best cheeses that we mature and bring to tables around the world.


In the exclusive and totally unique environment of the Ursy cave, our maîtres fromagers oversee and manage the maturation process. Equipped with artisanal know-how dating back centuries and avant-garde.


To bring the taste and excellence of the Swiss cheesemaking tradition straight to your table we rely on the precise and punctual service for which we are renowned throughout the world.


Before degustation there’s still time to convey the quality ingredients, the maîtres fromagers’ knowledge, the company’s commitment and the uniqueness of an experience that envelops all five senses. 

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Tradition, savoir faire, creativity



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Strenght from nature


Le Gruyère AOP:

A classic taste matured like yesteryear