Recipe n°14

Spicy chocolate Raclette sticks with vodka zabaglione.


  • 150 g Raclette
  • Russian Vodka
  • 200 g dark chocolate 
  • powdered chilli pepper to taste 
  • 5 egg yolks 
  • sugar
  • water



  • Chocolate: melt in a bain-marie with water temperature not exceeding 55°C and pour in the powdered chilli pepper.
  • Raclette: cut the cheese into sticks of 7 cm x 0.5 cm and place them in the refrigerator. Once well chilled, dip them in the melted chocolate, leaving only one centimetre of cheese uncoated. Place them on greaseproof paper and return them to the fridge to cool.
  • Zabaglione: separate the egg yolks from the whites and use a half egg-shell for dosing: for each egg yolk use a little less than half a shell of sugar and half a shell of a 50% vodka and water solution. Bring the water to boil in a saucepan and place the bowl with the mixture of egg yolks, sugar, vodka and water in it. Turn down the heat and start to whisk until you have a dense, stable cream. Take care not to exceed a temperature of 55°- 60°C.

Take one dessert bowl for each diner and pour in the zabaglione, serving with 3 or 4 spicy Raclette sticks per portion. Dipping the sticks in the zabaglione is the ideal way of enjoying this dish at its best.

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